“Nesrin’s reading was absolutely inspiring and confirmed that I could get a second shot at a childhood dream. She took the time necessary to give me as much details as possible. I did not feel as a client. I felt that she really cared about contributing positively to my journey. I cannot thank her enough for her help.”
– Jemmy in Montreal



“It was a dark time in my life and Nesrin called me out on my past, gave me a hope for the future and said she’ll see me when I achieve those dreams… 17 years later…
I am now just coming back into contact as I go show my first feature film in Toronto, (on a world tour), with a couple international dj gigs… I highly recommend her!”
– Mars Roberge

“Dear Nesrin,
I just wanted to say thank you for the reading, I sincerely appreciate you having spent the time with me and guiding me onto my path. I thank you from the bottom of my heart: your support and guidance means the world to me, for if it wasn’t for me meeting you, I’d probably still be searching where I need to be. Although it’s only been a few days since my reading, I have already made positive changes and believe I am headed in a far better direction.”

4 months later

“Dear Nesrin,
I thank you again for the wonderful reading, your insight is always so uplifting and motivating for me. I would like to let you know that I have been brainstorming and writing for the past couple of hours, thank you for the encouragement. I feel that this book is finally in the works now and it’s definitely going to be completed.”
– Addison Shye / Kingston

“Such an immediate release! Thank you so much for persevering, we realized the issue! I appreciated the relaxed time frame, and your bluntness! You are a blessing.
Many Thanks”

– Lindy

“Nesrin blew me away! She knew things that I had not told anyone.
Thank a million!”

– Annetta

“Nesrin has an uncanny accuracy rate – we never told her much personal info. Some things she mentioned she could not have generalized. Highly recommended!

– Philip

“Very accurate. Said things that others have said and more. Very encouraging.”

– Cathy

“Nesrin gave me inspiration to move in the direction I need to go.
Thank You, Thank You”

– Tina

“Nesrin – You got to the point – Got right down to it – Nailed it – I feel so inspired.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

– Beth

“Right on – Hit the nail on the head. You confirmed my thoughts on how to proceed to the next step of life.
Very Grateful.”

– Madelaine