Nerthus of Vinland 2008 Orginal PhotoAs a Professional Psychic and Medium for over 20 years, she is a born Clairvoyant (to see visions within), Clairaudient (to hear the voice within), and Clairsentient (to sense feelings empathically.)

Nesrin was adept at communicating with spirit guides from a very early age and connects with the spirit of departed loved ones, when asked by them, to convey their messages.

Readings given by Nesrin are positive and helpful for the understanding of your current journey though life, with in-depth explanations from your own spirit guides.

Caring and patient, she is able to give clarity on issues pertaining to individuals that seem somehow blocked in communication with their higher selves.  Altogether, the guides that work through her help those individuals that are ready to go out on the road of their own unique destiny.

Her highest purpose has always been to help others to work at attaining the fulfillment of their most cherished dreams.

Celebrities read by Nesrin:

  • Jani Lauzon
  • Mars Roberge
  • Neve Campbell
  • Wayne Brady

Nesrin uses the spiritual tools of her Germanic heritage, such as The Norse Tarot and Elder Futhark Runes. Other paths that may be used in ‘A Life Path Reading’ are:

  • Numerology
  • Spirit Guide Communication
  • Aura Reading
  • Past lives
  • Pendulum Work

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